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谢谢!What a compliment!

Arrivals - What's New on the Scene - NEEMIC
We can't hide our satisfaction when reading those lines:
“Undoubtedly one of our favorite ‘Made in China’ labels, Beijing-based eco-sustainable brand NEEMIC never fails to hit the right spot with its collections. Its latest one is called Cocoon, and it’s, simply put, a beautiful sample of sartorial skillfulness and craftsmanship. Blending the company’s minimalist design aesthetics with eco-friendly, hand-made natural fabrics, a line of sleek coats, separates, denim and dresses reveals clean cuts in subdued, earthy tones – a perfect mix of simple comfort and soothing colors. In typical NEEMIC style, feminine and boyish references abound across the collection, with silky skirts, ultra light layers and delicate knits juxtaposed with boxy fleece sweaters in organic cotton, boyfriend coats and oversized jumpers. Attention to detail shines throughout, from up-cycled leather elements to understated prints sprayed on a casual jacket. A real bastion for fashion, beauty and sustainable living, this is a brand worth plenty of attention.”
"Arrivals - What's new on the Scene - NEEMIC", That's Mag magazine, February 2014 issue, by Marianna Cerini.
That's the most flattering Valentine's Day compliment NEEMIC has ever received. We appreciate that Thats Mag杂志 takes a closer look even at independent labels like NEEMIC without large advertisement budget. Thank you Thats Mag team and Marianna Cerini! We take this as a stimulus to further improve our efforts. 
Note for our readers: 谢谢 [xièxie] means 'thank you' in Chinese
Posted by Hans on February 15th, 2014

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