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In Beijing's Chamber of Fine Art, artists including Li Hongbo, Wei Ming, Wang Lei and Ye Sen displayed their modern contemporary art through the month of July this year. The four Chinese artists are considered the "big four" for their contributions in their various respective mediums in this generations's avant-garde, and modern contemporary art. 

Wang Lei stands out in his bold use of the knitting technique in his work, and is exhibit hand-knitted Toilet Paper. The artist first was introduced into an national and international spotlight during his first exhibtion. Now due to increasing pressure, Wang Lei is working on a new kind of series which have unfolded some interesting suprises. Though Wang is still using old costumes as inspiration for the new series, he has introduced a new technique of knitting old newspaper articles into the garments. This technique has introduced a political and social attitude in the series of clothing. The introduction of this new social relevance into the artist's work has brought about new meanings and justice behind the knittings of each of the respective garments. 
(Source: an article written by Sue Wang on Cafa Art Info's website.)
Posted by Samuel on October 18th, 2012. 



Fête des Poupées is an event for costumes and disguises as Halloween aproaches, and Beijing winds down for the cold winter. The costume party is arranged by cofounders Setsu Hagiwara and DacZong, of Wukan Hair Salon. The Wukan salon, located in the Dongcheng district of Beijing, is considered much less of a hairstylist than a "hair design bureau". Wukan maybe the hippest place in town to get the latest hairstyling and meet artsy interesting people. Furthermore this Saturday Setsu Hagiwara and DacZong in collaboration with NEEMIC are arranging Fête des Poupées. The event is completely free and includes drinks, and live music.


Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie 鼓楼北锣鼓巷旧鼓楼大街
East of Beixinqiao intersection (Exit C of Beixinqiao subway stop), Dongcheng District
Saturday, October, 13th @ 21:00. 
Posted by Samuel at October 11th, 2012.

Beijing Design Week 2012 themed "upgrading the city by design", started the 26th of September and is coming to a close as of the 6th of October. This exhibition has exhibited various artists, progressive companies, and personal design initiatives. As one walks through the numerous exhibits displayed throughout the Dashalar district,  Caochangdi, 791, Mao'er Hutong, and 798, various aesthetics meet the eye, progressive art and design is followed by every footstep in the 798esc gallery spaces.

In building #32, one of the main exhibition halls, one can find our very own NEEMIC fashion collective. Placed on the ground floor in a narrow  room in-between two contemporary modern art exhibits, NEEMIC is displaying one of its first debuts to the public before the official launch. The collection includes a variety of garments in the winter collection not available yet online as well as selected pieces from the 2013 spring/summer collection. The debut also includes a contemporary-art dance video featuring a Swiss, Rotterdam-based contemporary dancer Melanie Wirz wearing NEEMIC's stylized jumpsuits. The sharp camera angles, the rigorous edgy dance montage, as well as the erie music add a spark of attitude to the already spunky collection.

All in all, come visit NEEMIC`s Design Week fashion exhibit, and enjoy the modern aesthetic of NEEMIC`s fashion-forward prêt-à-porter.

( photo by Marie Bollrich )

Posted by Samuel at October 5th,2012


Compared with our former location Hong Kong / Shenzhen, Beijing is closer to where the contemporary Chinese fashion aesthetic might be born. We want to be part of this development and feel that our contribution is needed. The vision remains the same: Creating outstanding fashion, making the industry more environmentally sustainable, and building bridges between Europe and Asia.

In the following blog posts we would like to share more Beijing groove and what kind of inspired people and activities we are finding here. And there is more to unveil...

Posted by NEEMIC at August 16th,2012


Spring quietly warms Beijing, heart-comforting buds graces the trees. It's time for the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo. NEEMIC and 25+ other designers will showcase their latest inspirational sprouts.

Hosted by, a project that discovers new designers and the stories behind their artworks/products. For the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo, Nuandao (暖岛, meaning "warm island") has prepared an exciting collection of products available for viewing and on-site purchase. It would be great to welcome you this Saturday, March 17 at Liang Dian Design Center next to Zhangzizhonglu station (Line 5).

Right in the middle of this warm island has NEEMIC grown a truly natural yet high-tech "Urban Forest". Wild, urban and organic like our Spring2012 collection and additionally some yet unseen fashion designs. Come by and share your dream of Spring awakening, get pollinated by inspiration!

Posted by Emma at March 16th, 2012


Antoinette Saxer welcomed me with a dashing smile in the entrance hall of the prestigious Good Enough College residence in Bloomsbury, London. “Thank you so much for coming! I am so glad that we have such good response to our project! By the way, I love your jacket and that’s a great shirt!” Me: “Thanks. It’s a 70ies vintage porters jacket and the shirt is H&M 10 years ago, but stripy is trendy again… so I got it out of the drawer…” Antoinette: “Sustainable but fashionable - you have my drift!”
Antoinette is not one of the general fashionistas who run up and down Oxford Street every Saturday, looking for the newest trend or item she couldn’t live without and which would make her life just perfect for another week. Just having spent a few hours with her, I wondered how she could manage to pursue a PHD in History, running the London marathon, getting the Good Fashion Show off the ground and looking as relaxed as if she just came back form a holiday in a monastery in Italy.
The GFS is a project, which will take place during the Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week next February and Antoinette and her team will transform the College campus in a life style venue in the name of ethical fashion and art and a market where fair-trade and organic products can be purchased. Further to that, there will be “thinking pieces”- short talks by various influential names like Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion, who will comment on Fashion and Sustainability. It is striking that involved with the GFS emerging labels from all over the world will be represented, what just underlines that ethics in fashion is a global and important trend, which is in desperate need to have more ambassadors like Livia Firth to make it a topic to talk about in the fashion world.

“I was more than the half of my life involved with fashion and modelled for Kenzo and Adidas and many other labels all over the world. Having said that, after a while you start questioning, whether fashion is just about aesthetics and whether people or nature really have to suffer for the frivolity of a small percentage of this world’s population. However, the broader public can and has to be educated and made aware that these are pressing issues and that we should rather invest in sustainable clothes and move away from “throw-away-ism” and blind consumerism! Unfortunately most people think of incense sticks and hippy clothes when they hear sustainable fashion or ethical fashion, but like NEEMIC’s first collection shows, elegance and high-end fashion doesn’t have to be contradictory to ethical parameters!
People have also picked up on organic food and want to know where it comes from. It’s doable and in my idealistic world it is going to happen in the next ten years!”
Antoinette’s entourage arrived - this afternoon they were planning to shoot a teaser video for the GFS for their website - and make-up artists, models and cameramen were in need of her attention and directions.

My last question was: “If we all start to invest in sustainable clothes of a good quality, will trends disappear?”
Antoinette’s replied, again with her winning smile: “I don’t think so… Trends come back so quickly, people will just pick their stripy t-shirts out of the drawer again in two years time and look fabulous!” and with a wink we parted.
I can’t wait to be sitting in the GFS’s front row in February - the first ever ethical fashion show in the world’s No.1 fashion capital!

Posted by David at February 14th, 2011