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FINCH is a Shanghai based company launched by two garments and textiles designers: Heather Kaye and Itee Soni. The ladies aim to incorporate sustainability in their design process to the Chinese market and are dedicated to create environmentally and socially responsible apparel and accessories.

They use organic and sustainable fabrics, dyes and printing techniques for their original styles and textile designs, in order to create sustainable apparel and manufacturing here in China, which is not easy. Design-wise, they are known for their retro-vintage vibe and one-of-a-kind prints.

In 2013, FINCH will open the doors of China’s first eco-conscious, small-scale manufacturing and textile printing facility just outside of Shanghai. They also intend to expand it to Asia and eventually take it global.

(Source: Fashion Friday: Taking flight in Shanghai by Chiew Ling Tan)

Posted by Yao on January 23th, 2013


Upon the release of their album valtari, the epic island band Sigur Rós invited different video artists and film makers to create an original video for one of the tracks from their new album Valtari. The idea was to bypass the usual artistic approval process, where the brief was completely open for entrants to take inspiration from the world around them to devise and execute a masterpiece. At the same time, the band invited fans to contribute their creations.

The world wide screening will happen at the weekend of december 7 – 9, a “valtari film experiment” program collects at least 17 commissioned “official” and fan-created short films created to coincide with the album Valtari. the program will screen on all seven continents (yes, including antarctica). For China this event will be held by Kubrick both in Beijing and Hong Kong.
Skinned, Film #12 by Anafelle Liu, Dio Lau and Ken for the Sigur Rós song FJÖGUR PÍANÓ was the overall winner of the  Valtari Film Experiment. It will be part of the screening and the selected collection of filmstills at the Kubrick Café in Hong Kong and Beijing. 
Anafelle's, Dio's and Ken's video contribution 'Skinned' got video was awareded by Sigur Rós themselves, out of 834 contributions, getting ennobled by their statement "original, disturbing and simple, Skinned has a mesmerising and visceral quality that keeps you coming back." 
NEEMIC is pleased to contribute to this screening by hosting Anafelle, Dio and Ken in our artist-in-residence hutong and looks forward to link them up with other Beijing-based artists through the process. 
Posted by Hans on December 8th, 2012.
NEEMIC is excited to announce the extended partnership with Nuandao, China's leading eCommerce website for design products. You can now shop for the most recent NEEMIC garments at
Since its founding, Nuandao has built a solid customer base and a diverse selection of products. Nuandao brings their members fresh content picked by Nuandao curators daily. Simultaneously, the company organizes regular pop-up stores with/without partners such as Beijing Design Week, CX Games and other leading organizations. Their moto "Adventures in design" speaks to the new design industry that is blossoming in China as a result of companies like whose effort brings design into mainstream lives.
Nuandao got its start as a blog in 2011 that organized events for local artisans and designers such as the Nuandao Spring Exhibition. The spring exhibition is where the liaison with NEEMIC started. Shortly after this Nuandao launched as an eCommerce site in early 2012, offering a curated online channel for good design.  

The collaboration with NEEMIC enables to introduce high-end fashion with an ecological motive to their portfolio. We hope this will bring about a new kind of browser for their developing customer base.  This new establishment is a crucial relationship that is a mutual stepping stone for both cooperatives. Please look for updates and events on our blog as well as Nuandao's.

Posted by Samuel on November 26th, 2012.

Zhang Na is an upcoming domestic fashion designer who is gaining popularity for her unique eye. The young fashion designer graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Fashion Design Education. She later studied in France at the MOD'ART Institute of Fashion Design. After returning home, she served as the brand director of a domestic clothing brand for several years. Following this managerial experience in 2008, she created her own respective brand named FAKENATOO. The new brand received widespread domestic attention and was quickly sought after by the industry and the media. After just a few years, FAKENATOO has become extremely influential within China's fashion industry. 

Finally in 2011, Zhang Na set up a project called Reclothing Bank, that is designed to encourage recycling and to assist less privileged Chinese. The project was built around Zhang Na's philosophy that clothing, and fashion is a blend of past and future. Discarded or donated old clothes is an essential resource for her program in which women's cooperatives split, reorganization, and distribute used clothing. 
NEEMIC is inspired by this designer's humanitarian work as well as her effort to recycle clothing. We hold Zhang Na as an example to work towards and hope that others in the industry will follow suit. 
Posted by Samuel on November 2th, 2012.

Today China-centric fashion news platform and NEEMIC announce their collaboration, launching exclusive products on its e-commerce platform

The Beijing-based fashion news source is a bilingual platform that covers all bases of fashion news and apparel. NEEMIC is now happy to have partnered with the dynamic young company to embrace a prospering cooperation, and to exchange professional networks. The company has a broad discourse of news and current events within the fashion industry. The company media platform shows an eclectic insider view of the fashion world, from independent domestic designers to international campaigns. has over 34 reporters based throughout China and all over the world, and covers a diverse selection of current fashion events that can be viewed through articles, blog posts, photojournalism, photoshoots, and videoclips. is the e-commerce platform of and includes, but is not limited to, a selection of modern indie designers from China and abroad, most of whom cannot be found anywhere else. The company's radical fashion collections inspire the young trendsetters of tomorrow.
To highlight and celebrate the importance of the collaboration, NEEMIC launches online exclusively on the three above designs: Lily Long Shirt, Omoto Black Check, Riddler Suit, establishing a fashion-forward look that plays for any occasion!
Posted by Samuel on November 2th, 2012.

Yirantian Guo is a young female designer from China. She recently graduated from London College of Fashion and has taken a recent spotlight for her series named UN or Unconventional Combinations. Yirantian Guo has an exceptionally unique sense of design that involves various elements of movement, reflection, as well as asymetrical lines to build her style that is summed up by "deconstruction, abstraction and modernism." 

In a recent interview Yirantian stated she finds inspiration in "art, paintings, sculptures, buildings, and even the human body." She added that this inspiration has reflected into her collection which "... bring together the conceptional, and the real and non-mainstream elements, and focus on materials and technology and the interplay between the two from a different perspective." Yirantian Guo's immense creativity finds itself in a vivid, almost post-apocolyptic setting where jagged angles and saturated maroon skies (as seen in the photos from her latest series) illustrate a new palate for the contemporary fashion designer. The young fashion designer started her Master of Arts program at London College of Fashion last month and hopes to complete her new collection soon.

Posted by Samuel on October 28th, 2012.