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Designer Sample Sales tomorrow Sunday 24 14:00! Part of #NO MORE MONO# from the Beijing Fashion Collective.

Posted by Amihan on Feburary 23th, 2013


The creation of the Beijing Fashion Collective has inspired NEEMIC, LDDC Liang Dian Design Center, Matjaž Tančič and many other participants and supporters to organize ::::: NO MORE MONO :::::. It showcases local fashion, photo, video, street-style culture from February 22 – March 07 2013 the beauty and diversity of works from local Beijing fashion designers and fashion photographers. Mono-culture is the past!

Key elements are a fashion design installation and a photography exhibition, enriched with a round-table session to discuss the future of sustainable fashion and fashion photography in China.
As a special treat by our graphic designer Dio Lau, click on here to open a GIF-animation, which further emphasizes the creative diversity which ultimately led to the creation of the Beijing Fashion Collective:
NO MORE MONO - fashion photography exhibition

Posted by Hans on Feburary 21th, 2013



New York Fashion Week NEEMIC Blog

Twice a year - in February's snow-covered chill and then again in September's sunshine - New York's streets overflow with models, buyers and fashion editors alike. For both the spring / summer and the fall / winter collections, New York fashion week (NYFW) promotes America's fashion talent to the world, from big name designers to up-and-coming talents. With official runways, after parties, and off-schedule events scattered across the city, New York fashion week brings a packed program year after year.

(Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ; Photo by Vogue China)

Posted by Yao on Feburary 8th, 2013


The VYOSNA Label was founded in 2010 by its co-founder and head designer Aga Śmiechowska.

In 2011, VYOSNA matured enough to explore the world of sustainable textiles and to gradually make their collections more ethical. They make sure that their clothes are produced under fair trade conditions. They are very much into craft preservation and social responsibility.

VYOSNA is focused on combining the intriguing smart looks with the comfort of a casual wear.

(Source: About VYOSNA)
Posted by Yao on Feburary 4th, 2013


North China is once again choking in toxic smog. Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, whose wealth is valued at $740 million according to the Hurun Report, sells his cans of air for five yuan each. It comes with atmospheric flavours including pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan'an.


Mr Chen said he wanted to make a point that China's air was turning so bad that the idea of bottled fresh air is no longer fanciful. "If we don't start caring for the environment then after 20 or 30 years our children and grandchildren might be wearing gas masks and carry oxygen tanks," said Mr Chen.

(Source: Canned Air for Sale in China by John Garnaut)

Posted by Yao on January 30th, 2013


Li Lianfeng's textile mill in Guangzhou produces more than 7,000 meters of denim, but only 5 percent of his mill's output uses natural indigo dye rather than synthetics. The underlying reason is cost.

Fashion industry is moving at a snail's pace into sustainability but faces challenges of costly conversion. Like Li Lianfeng, Levi's, Gucci and H&M are profit driven. But clearly, steps forward have been taken.

(Source: Fashion companies go sustainable by Tiffany Tan)

Posted by Yao on January 25th, 2013