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MIKENKE is a berlin based fashion label with the idea of creating cosmopolitan fashion in a spirit of respect for both humans and nature. The founders, Tina Luther and Rosa Gröszer are strongly convinced that sustainability is the only legitimation to start a new fashion label nowadays. But like neemic, they belive that for fashion to be part of a worldwide sustainability movement, quality and design must match, or rather exceed, the standards of conventional brands. Thus, MIKENKE attaches great importance to exclusive materials, extraordinary cuts and perfect fit. The design shows a playful interaction of feminine shapes, unique details, soft colors and luxurious textures. Conscious of their artisan background, the designers reinterpret traditional techniques in a modern light in order "to bring them over into the future". That's how we should be shaping an exciting 21st century.

Posted by Amihan at November 4th, 2011 


One of our most inspiring stylists is Holly Suan Gray.
The british born Holly works with an international clientele and collaborated with renowned magazines such as UK Vogue, Le Monde and Marie Claire China.
Holly also operates as the creative Director of Hong Kong based Redress, a charity organisation with the mission to direct the environmental and social situation in the Asian fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.

With her eccentric and avant-garde eye for style, she managed to unite fashion and art. Holly´s work is dramatic and evocative and shows her strong aspiration for perfection.
Here a little peek into her impressive work:

Posted by Amihan at November 2nd, 2011 


Ultra 10 project was initiated by WeAreUltra, an ethical lifestyle community, founded by Tengku Jamidah and Anita Hawkins, with the mission to create innovative and meaningful products.

WeAreUltra collaborates with local artisans and cutting-edge designers from Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. Together they created the Ultra 10, “a ten piece wardrobe for 365 days”.

The Ultra 10 collection contains a series of 10 modular and interchangeable designs made of recycled and natural-blend materials. Basic pieces such as jacket, west and coat are transformable and easy to combine with the other pieces. The look of the Ultra 10 collection is minimal, held almost consequently in black and white. Yet the smart cuts and functional design add a fresh and playful touch to it. After 365 days you may return the set back to WAU for recycling – and get a fresh supply at discounted rates. This way, your wardrobe keeps evolving without a single piece of fabric going to waste.

The Ultra 10, an innovative and smart idea, but will this concept succeed in this consumerist fashion world?

Posted by Amihan at October 30th, 2011 


The world is full of fashion brands. We decided to create another one …

NEEMIC means fashion-forward design, heading for organic, designed by talented young designers, giving used textiles another life and being fair with employees. If we succeed and many follow, then the world will become a slightly better place. Naive or worth a try?

One of the bigger challenges is the sourcing of organic fabrics in China. It is hardly possible to source locally organic fabrics with the desired design finish. This despite the fact that the Pearl Delta with Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou is the world’s largest fabric/clothes production place.

Organizations like TextileExchange help us independent buyers to get connected with organic fabric suppliers abroad. For example in India. Or in Europe. Long distance purchase are not our favorite solution but at least a workaround until the Chinese organic textile market develops to a higher level. We are actively networking with other sustainability initiatives, research institutes, organic activists and responsible manufacturers to look for ways how the organic fabric market can grow in quality and quantity.

More challenges to follow and also encouraging portraits of pioneers who combine fashion and sustainability.

Posted by Hans at October 26th, 2011


NEEMIC sends out a big hello to the world!

It reaches you from Hong Kong,  where concrete towers meet the jungle. We are proud to present our new fashion label NEEMIC,  born from the clash of east and west. This is day one of an exciting journey through metropolitan aesthetics and wonderful materials towards a sustainable future of fashion.

Join us on this trip and become NEEMIC yourself!

Posted by NEEMIC at October 14th, 2011