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Referring to the progression of local Beijing fashion and culture. 

Canned Air for Sale - 29/01/2013
North China is once again choking in toxic smog. Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, whose wealth is valued at $740 million according to the Hurun Report, sells his cans of air for five yuan each. It comes with atmospheric flavours including pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan'an. Mr Chen said he wanted to make a point that China's air was turning so bad that the idea of bottled fresh air is no longer fanciful. "If we don't start caring for the environment t..
Upon the release of their album valtari, the epic island band Sigur Rós invited different video artists and film makers to create an original video for one of the tracks from their new album Valtari. The idea was to bypass the usual artistic approval process, where the brief was completely open for entrants to take inspiration from the world around them to devise and execute a masterpiece. At the same time, the band invited fans to contribute their creations.     Th..
NEEMIC is excited to announce the extended partnership with Nuandao, China's leading eCommerce website for design products. You can now shop for the most recent NEEMIC garments at    Since its founding, Nuandao has built a solid customer base and a diverse selection of products. Nuandao brings their members fresh content picked by Nuandao curators daily. Simultaneously, the company organizes regular pop-up stores with/without partners such as Beijing Design Week..
Beijing Design Week 2012 themed "upgrading the city by design", started the 26th of September and is coming to a close as of the 6th of October. This exhibition has exhibited various artists, progressive companies, and personal design initiatives. As one walks through the numerous exhibits displayed throughout the Dashalar district,  Caochangdi, 791, Mao'er Hutong, and 798, various aesthetics meet the eye, progressive art and design is followed by every footstep in the 798esc gallery spa..
NEEMIC × Nuandao - 16/03/2012
Spring quietly warms Beijing, heart-comforting buds graces the trees. It's time for the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo. NEEMIC and 25+ other designers will showcase their latest inspirational sprouts. Hosted by, a project that discovers new designers and the stories behind their artworks/products. For the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo, Nuandao (暖岛, meaning "warm island") has prepared an exciting collection of products available for viewing and on-site purchase. It would be g..
At first sight, BrandNü is just another beautiful little shop in Beijing’s Wudaoying hutong, where colorful wardrobe stands next to felt-baby-shoes and organic soap. A closer look reveals a wealth of fantastic design and an impressive social enterprise driven by ethical people with business sense. BrandNü (Nü is 女, meaning woman) was initiated in 2008 by Nathan Zhang, who understood that urban design can be a major link between underprivileged communities in the countryside and the money..
Holly Suan Gray - 02/11/2011
One of our most inspiring stylists is Holly Suan Gray. The british born Holly works with an international clientele and collaborated with renowned magazines such as UK Vogue, Le Monde and Marie Claire China. Holly also operates as the creative Director of Hong Kong based Redress, a charity organisation with the mission to direct the environmental and social situation in the Asian fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. With her eccentric and avant-garde eye for style, she m..