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References to international design projects and collaborations with international designers. 

In Beijing's Chamber of Fine Art, artists including Li Hongbo, Wei Ming, Wang Lei and Ye Sen displayed their modern contemporary art through the month of July this year. The four Chinese artists are considered the "big four" for their contributions in their various respective mediums in this generations's avant-garde, and modern contemporary art.      Wang Lei stands out in his bold use of the knitting technique in his work, and is exhibit hand-knitted Toi..
Antoinette Saxer welcomed me with a dashing smile in the entrance hall of the prestigious Good Enough College residence in Bloomsbury, London. “Thank you so much for coming! I am so glad that we have such good response to our project! By the way, I love your jacket and that’s a great shirt!” Me: “Thanks. It’s a 70ies vintage porters jacket and the shirt is H&M 10 years ago, but stripy is trendy again… so I got it out of the drawer…” Antoinette: “Sustainable but fashionable - you have my d..
Ma Ke is one of our favorite Chinese fashion designers. Through her anti-consumerist concept and her purist aesthetic, which is often represented in artistic performances, she gained world wide attention. Her fashion is well known for its use of eco-friendly fabrics, recylced materials and for its traditional dyeing methods. Her haute-couture fashion brand  "WUYONG / Useless" is a creative expression of her understanding with “what is clothing”. It is silent, organic and reflexiv..
Shao Yen is a London-based knit designer, who was born and raised in Taiwan. He has graduated successfully with a womensline in Central St. Martins and despite his young age, he already managed to intern at Alexander McQueen, Claire Tough and Hussein Chalayan. The idea behind Shao Yen´s Designs is to combine traditional knitting techniques with unusual and innovative materials. He mixes nylon string with cashmere, a touch of lycra and other miraculous materials to form extraordinary bold..
The eyes should be pleased with beautiful fashion, fair enough that also the ears should be caressed with stylish music. Luckily for our ears, our base Hong Kong hosts a bouquet of bands playing decent independent sounds. Our current favorites are DADA BABA with their ingenious, phonogen noise-pop prog-rock perls. Music is better to listen to than to read, so give an ear to “Ài (shàng nǐ de) mèimei – Love (on your) Sister”: DADA BABA - 愛(上你的)妹妹 from LEE KAI HO on Vimeo. Lead sing..
A Friday evening in London in autumn. The pubs are packed, people drinking their pints and large glasses of wine, relaxed chit chat – a smooth start to the weekend ahead and I was waiting fort the Korean fashion designer Chloe. I made myself at home in a massive armchair at Dover Street Market on the first floor and there were three times as many shop assistants as there were costumers, periodically harassing me whether they could show me something. I kindly but firmly declined each and ..
MIKENKE! - 04/11/2011
MIKENKE is a berlin based fashion label with the idea of creating cosmopolitan fashion in a spirit of respect for both humans and nature. The founders, Tina Luther and Rosa Gröszer are strongly convinced that sustainability is the only legitimation to start a new fashion label nowadays. But like neemic, they belive that for fashion to be part of a worldwide sustainability movement, quality and design must match, or rather exceed, the standards of conventional brands. Thus, MIKENKE attaches gr..
Holly Suan Gray - 02/11/2011
One of our most inspiring stylists is Holly Suan Gray. The british born Holly works with an international clientele and collaborated with renowned magazines such as UK Vogue, Le Monde and Marie Claire China. Holly also operates as the creative Director of Hong Kong based Redress, a charity organisation with the mission to direct the environmental and social situation in the Asian fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. With her eccentric and avant-garde eye for style, she m..
Ultra 10 project was initiated by WeAreUltra, an ethical lifestyle community, founded by Tengku Jamidah and Anita Hawkins, with the mission to create innovative and meaningful products. WeAreUltra collaborates with local artisans and cutting-edge designers from Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. Together they created the Ultra 10, “a ten piece wardrobe for 365 days”. The Ultra 10 collection contains a series of 10 modular and interchangeable designs made of recycled and natural-blend m..