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References to international design projects and collaborations with international designers. 

Summer update
Summer update - 14/07/2013
There´s been a silent period online, as we´ve devoted our attention to numerous individual projects over the last couple of months.    One of the more involved projects is the campaign "OUR AIR" from the platform Interactive Beijing, which brings programmers, artists, designers and other creative talent together for solutions of Beijings air pollution problems. You can check out the ideas generated at the latest HACK FOR AIR Hackathon.      Fa..
Art & Sample Sales
On Thursday March 07 at 16:00 starts a photography artwork and fashion designer sample sales. The NO MORE MONO photographers let the public choose of their unique photographies and the fashion designers SARAYUN and NEEMIC introduce the public to their upcoming SS13 collection and allow to order their sample pieces for favorable conditions. The Art & Sample Sales happens previously to the NO MORE MONO roundtable discussion How Can You Live More Sustainably in Beijin..
The First NO MORE MONO Clip
>>> Because of the "Great Firewall" this Vimeo-video may not be displayed. Users within Mainland China are therefore advised to switch our website's language to 简 to see the Youku version of the NO MORE MONO Vol. 1 video.  No More Mono Vol. 1 | 时装×摄影×装置 from Kulturgut on Vimeo. ..
Designer Sample Sales
Designer Sample Sales tomorrow Sunday 24 14:00! Part of #NO MORE MONO# from the Beijing Fashion Collective. Posted by Amihan on Feburary 23th, 2013 ..
NO MORE MONO [culture]
The creation of the Beijing Fashion Collective has inspired NEEMIC, LDDC Liang Dian Design Center, Matjaž Tančič and many other participants and supporters to organize ::::: NO MORE MONO :::::. It showcases local fashion, photo, video, street-style culture from February 22 – March 07 2013 the beauty and diversity of works from local Beijing fashion designers and fashion photographers. Mono-culture is the past! Key elements are a fashion design installation and a photography exhibition, en..
New York Fashion Week
Twice a year - in February's snow-covered chill and then again in September's sunshine - New York's streets overflow with models, buyers and fashion editors alike. For both the spring / summer and the fall / winter collections, New York fashion week (NYFW) promotes America's fashion talent to the world, from big name designers to up-and-coming talents. With official runways, after parties, and off-schedule events scattered across the city, New York fashion week brings a packed program ye..
The VYOSNA Label
The VYOSNA Label - 04/02/2013
The VYOSNA Label was founded in 2010 by its co-founder and head designer Aga Śmiechowska. In 2011, VYOSNA matured enough to explore the world of sustainable textiles and to gradually make their collections more ethical. They make sure that their clothes are produced under fair trade conditions. They are very much into craft preservation and social responsibility. VYOSNA is focused on combining the intriguing smart looks with the comfort of a casual wear. (Source: About VYOSNA..
FINCH is a Shanghai based company launched by two garments and textiles designers: Heather Kaye and Itee Soni. The ladies aim to incorporate sustainability in their design process to the Chinese market and are dedicated to create environmentally and socially responsible apparel and accessories. They use organic and sustainable fabrics, dyes and printing techniques for their original styles and textile designs, in order to create sustainable apparel and manufacturing here in China, which i..
Zhang Na is an upcoming domestic fashion designer who is gaining popularity for her unique eye. The young fashion designer graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Fashion Design Education. She later studied in France at the MOD'ART Institute of Fashion Design. After returning home, she served as the brand director of a domestic clothing brand for several years. Following this managerial experience in 2008, she created her own respective brand named FAKENATOO. The new br..
Yirantian Guo is a young female designer from China. She recently graduated from London College of Fashion and has taken a recent spotlight for her series named UN or Unconventional Combinations. Yirantian Guo has an exceptionally unique sense of design that involves various elements of movement, reflection, as well as asymetrical lines to build her style that is summed up by "deconstruction, abstraction and modernism."  In a recent interview Yirantian stated she finds insp..