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Updates on NEEMIC's profile and agendas. 

NEEMIC is excited to announce the extended partnership with Nuandao, China's leading eCommerce website for design products. You can now shop for the most recent NEEMIC garments at    Since its founding, Nuandao has built a solid customer base and a diverse selection of products. Nuandao brings their members fresh content picked by Nuandao curators daily. Simultaneously, the company organizes regular pop-up stores with/without partners such as Beijing Design Week..
Today China-centric fashion news platform and NEEMIC announce their collaboration, launching exclusive products on its e-commerce platform The Beijing-based fashion news source is a bilingual platform that covers all bases of fashion news and apparel. NEEMIC is now happy to have partnered with the dynamic young company to embrace a prospering cooperation, and to exchange professional networks. The company has a broad discourse of news and..
Fête des Poupées - 14/10/2012
Fête des Poupées is an event for costumes and disguises as Halloween aproaches, and Beijing winds down for the cold winter. The costume party is arranged by cofounders Setsu Hagiwara and DacZong, of Wukan Hair Salon. The Wukan salon, located in the Dongcheng district of Beijing, is considered much less of a hairstylist than a "hair design bureau". Wukan maybe the hippest place in town to get the latest hairstyling and meet artsy interesting people. Furthermore this Saturday Setsu Hagiwara and..
Beijing Design Week 2012 themed "upgrading the city by design", started the 26th of September and is coming to a close as of the 6th of October. This exhibition has exhibited various artists, progressive companies, and personal design initiatives. As one walks through the numerous exhibits displayed throughout the Dashalar district,  Caochangdi, 791, Mao'er Hutong, and 798, various aesthetics meet the eye, progressive art and design is followed by every footstep in the 798esc gallery spa..
Compared with our former location Hong Kong / Shenzhen, Beijing is closer to where the contemporary Chinese fashion aesthetic might be born. We want to be part of this development and feel that our contribution is needed. The vision remains the same: Creating outstanding fashion, making the industry more environmentally sustainable, and building bridges between Europe and Asia. In the following blog posts we would like to share more Beijing groove and what kind of inspired people and act..
NEEMIC × Nuandao - 16/03/2012
Spring quietly warms Beijing, heart-comforting buds graces the trees. It's time for the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo. NEEMIC and 25+ other designers will showcase their latest inspirational sprouts. Hosted by, a project that discovers new designers and the stories behind their artworks/products. For the "Awakening Spring" Design Expo, Nuandao (暖岛, meaning "warm island") has prepared an exciting collection of products available for viewing and on-site purchase. It would be g..
Our partners from IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA have not only contributed several avant-garde designs to our collections, they also surprised us with this sweet dada collage for Chinese New Year. A heartwarming re-start for NEEMIC after a long break from Christmas until after Chinese New Year. London-born Steven Hall and Tokyo-born Yurika Ohara both graduated in 2003 from Central Saint Martins College and together established the label “IN-PROCESS”. They debuted during S/S 06 at LFW (?Lo..
The world is full of fashion brands. We decided to create another one … NEEMIC means fashion-forward design, heading for organic, designed by talented young designers, giving used textiles another life and being fair with employees. If we succeed and many follow, then the world will become a slightly better place. Naive or worth a try? One of the bigger challenges is the sourcing of organic fabrics in China. It is hardly possible to source locally organic fabrics with the desired des..
Are you NEEMIC? - 14/10/2011
NEEMIC sends out a big hello to the world! It reaches you from Hong Kong,  where concrete towers meet the jungle. We are proud to present our new fashion label NEEMIC,  born from the clash of east and west. This is day one of an exciting journey through metropolitan aesthetics and wonderful materials towards a sustainable future of fashion. Join us on this trip and become NEEMIC yourself! Posted by NEEMIC at October 14th, 2011 ..