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References to international design projects and collaborations with international designers. 

UNCOVER - 18/09/2016
NEEMIC is happy to participate once again at Beijing Design Week for 2016 edition. We've been co-founding UNCOVER, a platform promoting contemporary independent fashion and apparel labels, designer collections and lifestyle products from and in China. It is a showcase and hub to connect brands and designers with a broader audience amongst media, retailers and consumers. The participating labels, designers and producers are Capitale Nord (Beijing), FFIXXED STUDIOS (Shenzhen), LangerCh..
Feeling Spring in the Jing(北京)
For their magazine issue “Young at Heart” created KNEON the editorial BRAND NEW CHINA. It embraces the archetype of an urban, young and modern Chinese girl; fashionable, cool and also in touch with her roots despite all the modernisation that has been happening in China. It spotlights 5 Chinese designers – Vega Zaishi Wang, Love Pillowbook, Chictopia, Su Guangyu and NEEMIC in a Spring-like setting in BeiJing's Tuanjiehu Park..
Organic doesn´t ask either/or, it answers both beauty and ethics
The title is a quote of John Patrick and stands eponymous for his brand Organic by John Patrick. Established in 2004, Patrick priorizes organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness. Organic’s supply chain is a prototype that refines and renders those relationships. Early in his career, John Patrick traveled to Peru to learn about the production of cotton and hand-spun alpaca wool. He has revitalized traditional techniques such as hand-weaving and whole-animal leather prod..
Study NY: Brooklyn goes sustainable
  Study New York is a Brooklyn based ethical contemporary womenswear brand that uses only sustainable materials. Started by high spirited individual, Tara St James, Study New York doesn't focus on the traditional "seasonal" collections, but defines her clothes depending on what technique process it took to get there, using only the best handpicked materials that are all organically sourced. Read about her mission in our interview with the Study New York founder, discussing her s..
The Ecochic Design Award is back!
The EcoChic Design Award organized by Redress is a sustainable fashion design competition. The purpose is to inspire emerging fashion designers and students from Europe and Asia to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. The competition takes designers on an education and design journey lasting several theory and design-packed months.   The designers are first educated about the negative environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry, and ..
Freedom doesn’t have to be complicated
  Artworks being transferred on clothes, combined with a natural simplicity and a light darkness could be one way to try to describe BlankBlank clothes, another way to describe it would be a process that focuses on the technique of painting and then transferring the result onto clothes. No matter how you choose to describe their designs in words, the result will always implicate simple freedom.     BLANKBLANK is a Latvian label founded by Linda Blanka ..
Jade Chiu's Eastern Zodiac Obsession
  Jade Chiu is an independent designer creating statement pieces inspired by her Eastern Zodiac obsession. The Taiwanese born artist has turned heads from the likes of Italian Vogue, i-D UK, and Shinsegae campaign with her edgy and dreamy take on the 12 ancient Chinese zodiac signs and elements, and is now taking Asia by storm. By combining her Eastern origins with her Western education, she has created a stunning fusion of cultures for her collections. Her aim is to capture..
Angel Chang - Save a Vanishing Handcraft
When Angel Chang discovered Miao and Dong indigenous minority textiles in a museum in Shanghai. She was surprised by their accuracy of stitching and their simple beauty, so she travelled in the Guizhou Province to discover where the fabric were made and if these 1000 years of craftsmanship still existed today. She discovered that these traditional hand-woven fabrics made of locally grown materials were still made today. Unfortunately less and less people knew how to stitch the traditional way..
Tea Silk in Rechenberg's collection
The Beijing-based label "Rechenberg" presented their latest collection just in time for spring! NEEMIC had the chance to attend the intimate fashion show in their beautiful courtyard studio. Here's what Rechenberg had to say about their collection:  „Our inspiration came from paper and everything that has to do with  it. We liked the way that raw paper shows a rough structure with veiny and crackled surfaces.   We attended a workshop where they do handmade paper an..
Inspiration of the day
Elena Bartels shot by Emma Tempest       Posted by Amihan on July 27th, 2013 ..