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Chinese cultural referrences that reflects fashion or ecological sustainability. 

UNCOVER - 18/09/2016
NEEMIC is happy to participate once again at Beijing Design Week for 2016 edition. We've been co-founding UNCOVER, a platform promoting contemporary independent fashion and apparel labels, designer collections and lifestyle products from and in China. It is a showcase and hub to connect brands and designers with a broader audience amongst media, retailers and consumers. The participating labels, designers and producers are Capitale Nord (Beijing), FFIXXED STUDIOS (Shenzhen), LangerCh..
Feeling Spring in the Jing(北京)
For their magazine issue “Young at Heart” created KNEON the editorial BRAND NEW CHINA. It embraces the archetype of an urban, young and modern Chinese girl; fashionable, cool and also in touch with her roots despite all the modernisation that has been happening in China. It spotlights 5 Chinese designers – Vega Zaishi Wang, Love Pillowbook, Chictopia, Su Guangyu and NEEMIC in a Spring-like setting in BeiJing's Tuanjiehu Park..
Impressions - Chengdu Fashion Week
First Take   Walking into the bustle of models, photographers, designers, the fitting for the upcoming runway had taken over the Rombus international hotel. Chengdu Fashion Week had started.   Clothes touching skin for the first time, a thrill combined with the fear of the unforeseen pursues. Evaluating glances wander over bodies, as bright flashes capture silhouettes, waiting for the black picture paper to develop into shapes. There is a constant reshuff..
Revival of the Ancient Textile Tradition
Ramie is a textile material that has been used as far back as Egyptian mummies. However with less than 100 craftsmen who make ramie cloth in China, the traditional textile technique is a dying art. Summerwood is a sustainable textile production company that was founded in July 2013, and dedicated to the production of ramie (also known as summer fabric). Hongbo (the founder of Summerwood) and many independent Fashion Designers are together reviving the production of th..
Angel Chang - Save a Vanishing Handcraft
When Angel Chang discovered Miao and Dong indigenous minority textiles in a museum in Shanghai. She was surprised by their accuracy of stitching and their simple beauty, so she travelled in the Guizhou Province to discover where the fabric were made and if these 1000 years of craftsmanship still existed today. She discovered that these traditional hand-woven fabrics made of locally grown materials were still made today. Unfortunately less and less people knew how to stitch the traditional way..
Summer update
Summer update - 14/07/2013
There´s been a silent period online, as we´ve devoted our attention to numerous individual projects over the last couple of months.    One of the more involved projects is the campaign "OUR AIR" from the platform Interactive Beijing, which brings programmers, artists, designers and other creative talent together for solutions of Beijings air pollution problems. You can check out the ideas generated at the latest HACK FOR AIR Hackathon.      Fa..
Shanghai Eco Design Fair with NEEMIC on eco-catwalk
  Eco Design Fair Spring 2013 will take place on April 13-14, 2013 in Shanghai at the Cool Docks. An anticipated audience of over 10,000 people are joining the fair out of interest in green healthy living.   "Reduce Waste" is this year’s theme … designers, speakers and entrepreneurs are set to help Shanghai families learn how to conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of waste we throw away and and seeking earth-friendly alternatives in fashion, food, energy, t..
The First NO MORE MONO Clip
>>> Because of the "Great Firewall" this Vimeo-video may not be displayed. Users within Mainland China are therefore advised to switch our website's language to 简 to see the Youku version of the NO MORE MONO Vol. 1 video.  No More Mono Vol. 1 | 时装×摄影×装置 from Kulturgut on Vimeo. ..
NO MORE MONO [culture]
The creation of the Beijing Fashion Collective has inspired NEEMIC, LDDC Liang Dian Design Center, Matjaž Tančič and many other participants and supporters to organize ::::: NO MORE MONO :::::. It showcases local fashion, photo, video, street-style culture from February 22 – March 07 2013 the beauty and diversity of works from local Beijing fashion designers and fashion photographers. Mono-culture is the past! Key elements are a fashion design installation and a photography exhibition, en..
Upon the release of their album valtari, the epic island band Sigur Rós invited different video artists and film makers to create an original video for one of the tracks from their new album Valtari. The idea was to bypass the usual artistic approval process, where the brief was completely open for entrants to take inspiration from the world around them to devise and execute a masterpiece. At the same time, the band invited fans to contribute their creations.     Th..