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Impressions - Chengdu Fashion Week

First Take
Walking into the bustle of models, photographers, designers, the fitting for the upcoming runway had taken over the Rombus international hotel. Chengdu Fashion Week had started.
Clothes touching skin for the first time, a thrill combined with the fear of the unforeseen pursues. Evaluating glances wander over bodies, as bright flashes capture silhouettes, waiting for the black picture paper to develop into shapes. There is a constant reshuffle of the collected polaroids, in an attempt to organize the perfect combination for the upcoming show. In an instant, the previous commotion of pilled up clothes filling spaces, is overcome by a quiet tranquility in the now empty room. Enjoying the few moments of calm before the storm, sleepless eyes meet the new daylight in serenity.
Second Take
The impatience of excited murmurs stirs the room in front, while backstage is engulfed into an atmosphere of haste. Excitement fills the air, combined with adrenalin, expectation, and the sound of rustling clothes. Models walk around followed by a team of hair and makeup, as designers pin the last touches. The show begins. Music thumps, lights shot in every direction, as the clicking of cameras synchronize into inaudible ‘clicks’. Time collapses and expands in the same moment; in the blink of an eye, 10 minutes is done.
Lights out. Stillness. For a couple of agonizing moments only silence exists. A wave of applause breaks out, as the realization of success is exhaled, evoking relief paired with an overwhelming feeling of joy. The sleepless eyes are transformed into accomplished smiles.
Posted by Sarah 11 August, 2014

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