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Angel Chang - Save a Vanishing Handcraft

When Angel Chang discovered Miao and Dong indigenous minority textiles in a museum in Shanghai. She was surprised by their accuracy of stitching and their simple beauty, so she travelled in the Guizhou Province to discover where the fabric were made and if these 1000 years of craftsmanship still existed today. She discovered that these traditional hand-woven fabrics made of locally grown materials were still made today. Unfortunately less and less people knew how to stitch the traditional way and as a result of that, a lot of museums where buying those fabrics, because they prognosed that the culture will die out in at least 30 years.

So when she came back she developed the idea of making a capsule collection with 40 pieces of clothing using their knowledge about textile stitching and textile dying, all made natural chemical free, sourcing from this region. To make this possible and to help the region by building up a local training program so that elders can pass their knowledge down to the younger generation to prevent the culture from dying out and to improve the living and education standard in the village you can support her project by buying her products at kickstarter.

Trough her campaign she also supports the Fashionrevolutionday campaign initiated by Livia Firth to establish a consumer-conciousness concerning the background and production of clothes.

Posted by Sarah 30 April,2014

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