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Wang Lei's Toilet Paper Fashion

In Beijing's Chamber of Fine Art, artists including Li Hongbo, Wei Ming, Wang Lei and Ye Sen displayed their modern contemporary art through the month of July this year. The four Chinese artists are considered the "big four" for their contributions in their various respective mediums in this generations's avant-garde, and modern contemporary art. 

Wang Lei stands out in his bold use of the knitting technique in his work, and is exhibit hand-knitted Toilet Paper. The artist first was introduced into an national and international spotlight during his first exhibtion. Now due to increasing pressure, Wang Lei is working on a new kind of series which have unfolded some interesting suprises. Though Wang is still using old costumes as inspiration for the new series, he has introduced a new technique of knitting old newspaper articles into the garments. This technique has introduced a political and social attitude in the series of clothing. The introduction of this new social relevance into the artist's work has brought about new meanings and justice behind the knittings of each of the respective garments. 
(Source: an article written by Sue Wang on Cafa Art Info's website.)
Posted by Samuel on October 18th, 2012. 


3 Comments To "Wang Lei's Toilet Paper Fashion "
Marika Szaraz - 07/09/2015

I invite the artist Wang Lei to an Asia-Europe international exhibition. My email : szairam9[at]
Hans - 30/08/2013

Thank you Audrey for your feedback. I just adjusted from woven and braided to knitted.
Audrey - 30/08/2013

That last picture is knit. Not woven or braided.

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