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Chit chat with Yurika from IN-PROCESS

Our partners from IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA have not only contributed several avant-garde designs to our collections, they also surprised us with this sweet dada collage for Chinese New Year. A heartwarming re-start for NEEMIC after a long break from Christmas until after Chinese New Year.

London-born Steven Hall and Tokyo-born Yurika Ohara both graduated in 2003 from Central Saint Martins College and together established the label “IN-PROCESS”. They debuted during S/S 06 at LFW (?London Fashion Week?), winning the New Generation Award. Since then they have gained a larger audience with fashion walks in Paris and JFW (? or Tokyo Fashion Week ? ).

Hall Ohara's design is a bit showy, a bit quiet; a little humorous, a little serious. Their designs enrich our S/S 2011 collection with a free spirit. Combined with the high-quality organic fabric, the unruly passion of “IN-PROCESS” reflects on the urban woman with a youthful, care-free heart.
Yurika shares insights into cutting-edge organic fashion design in the following short interview:

NEEMIC: What's the meaning and the concept behind your work/collection?
Yurika Ohara: Capturing the energy of a garment that is in the process of being made.

What are the key elements/materials you use for your clothing design?
We generally like to juxtapose organic or natural fabrics with synthetics.

What is the main message you are trying to express through your work?
To show our taste.

What's the importance of organic fashion in Japan/Asia?
(do you think there is a higher relevance of organic fashion and lifestyle products:food,cosmetics,etc. in the last few years? if so,do you know the possible reasons?)
Within fashion, organic fabrics are gaining an increasingly important role. It seems many purchasers in the industry realize that consumers start to care whether the fabrics are environmentally-friendly, non-allergical to their skin and that they are produced under fair labour conditions.   

What do you think about fashion in China?

Could you please write/draw something for our NEEMIC readers?
Hello NEEMIC readers, I hope you like the dada collage I did :-)

Posted by Emma at February 8th, 2012 

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